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Flat Out Fun

Our Hotel near the Flats East Bank

Good times await at The Flats

In the last several years, The Flats, running along the east and west banks of the Cuyahoga River has experienced what we like to call a “glow up,” thanks to major redevelopment. Now, this vibrant neighborhood, about a mile from Kimpton Schofield Hotel, is home to a variety of dining, entertainment and outdoor offerings. The East Bank, with its lengthy riverfront boardwalk, is lined with bars, breweries and restaurants, perfect for enjoying a pint on a patio or working in a game of mini-golf. The West Bank isn’t without its own charms. From the aquarium to Jacob’s Pavilion, the massive concert venue, you’ve essentially got all the ingredients for a good time down by the river.

Check out a few of our favorite things to do at The Flats.

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Photography provided by Destination Cleveland, Cody York, Phil Scalia, and Mike Wilkes.